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About Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance is a broad term which covers a wide range of construction related insurance packages including Public Liability Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, Contractors All Risks, Machinery Insurance & Personal Accident Insurance.

Construction Insurance is an extremely
important consideration for construction companies due to the everyday risks involved.

Is Construction Insurance expensive?
The cost varies depending on a number of factors such as occupation, number of employees, turnover, claims history etc but overall the cost of construction insurance has fallen dramatically in recent years.

First Time Construction Insurance

We make it as easy as possible for contractors to arrange first time insurance. Quotes are arranged within a few hours and cover can be arranged over the phone. To help with your cash flow, direct debits are available on all our policies over ten equal installments. As construction insurance specialists you can be sure that you will receive the quality & service that you require so contact us today for a quote.

Construction Insurance Renewal

If your insurance is due for renewal soon contact us for a quote. It costs nothing so you have nothing to lose.
Often clients hold insurance with the same broker or insurer for many years without checking the market to ensure that they are getting the best possible cover for their money. We offer a specialised service to the Irish Construction Industry and are glad to prepare quotations for your companies’ construction insurance needs. As we hold agencies with all the major construction insurance providers in Ireland you can be certain that the level of service and value for money that you receive is second to none.
If your construction insurance is not due for renewal for a number of months email or phone us with your renewal date and we will contact you closer to the renewal date to discuss your needs

Agency Transfer

Occasionally we speak to clients who are not happy with the overall treatment & customer service that they receive from their current brokers. If your policy is close to renewal we can transfer a policy to our agency and negotiate your renewal with both your existing insurer and prospective alternative insurers. This means that your policy remains intact with your current insurer until your renewal and it is also evaluated by our experienced team to ensure that you are receiving the best possible cover and price.