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About Office Insurance

An Office policy will protect your office-based business against many incidents such as theft, public liability, employers liability, flood, storm, water damage, smoke & fire damage etc.

Keystone provides complete office insurance solutions for all types of office environments. This includes large multi-floor buildings, general office environments & even home offices.

We deal with a wide number of insurers to make sure you receive the best deal possible for your office insurance. We can arrange cover for all types of offices & studios.

Our policies include many standard and optional features, with different levels of cover to suit your needs.

Why not contact Keystone today to arrange a quote for your business. Quotations are arranged instantly while cover can be arranged over the phone.

An Office Insurance Policy has many areas of cover including the following:

Office Contents Policy

This section includes your fixtures & fittings, office equipment, computers etc. in your office premises. Policies can easily be amended to include other items such as signage, items that leave the premises [such as laptops, measuring equipment etc.]

Home Office Policy

Most home insurance policies do not cover items related to your business. Home office business policy from Keystone will protect computers, faxes and any other equipment used in your home office.

The policy will also cover you for public liability. For example, if business contacts visit your home for business purposes a home office policy will cover this where a normal home policy will not. Also, if part of your work is ‘away from the office’ your home office policy will include public liability for these activities.

A home office policy can also provide buildings insurance should your office be external to your main home.

Employer’s Liability Policy

Employer’s Liability will cover you if anyone is injured while working for you. This includes staff on a full or part time basis and also voluntary staff.

Public Liability Policy

Most offices will have access to the public and as a result Public Liability Insurance for your office is an important consideration. Customers, family, guests, visitors & even trespassers are all classed as members of the public.
If an accident were to happen to a member of the public it could potentially lead to a claim against the company.
Without adequate Public Liability Insurance the company would be liable for any costs incurred by a court judgement.

Keystone provides public liability as part of an office policy with adjustable levels of cover so you can decide how much you require. Normally €2,600,000 Public Liability is adequate, however we can easily arrange higher amounts if required.

Premises / Commercial Property Policy

If the premises are owned by the company (or its directors) it is essential that it is adequately insured
Arranging premises [Building / Property policy] is extremely important for property owners and buildings insurance is provided by office insurers and is optional. Obviously the level of building cover that you require will vary from case to case so you can be confident that you can tailor make a policy to meet your needs.

Portable Equipment / All Risks Policy

Many businesses have items that leave the office. Typical examples include laptops, measuring equipment, demonstration equipment, camera equipment etc.

We can easily extend your office policy to include ‘All Risks’ cover for all of your portable items. Most of our insurers will even cover portable items anywhere in the world if required. This includes cover for theft & accidental damage.
If your business has portable equipment it is strongly recommended to cover it under your policy. It’s not as expensive as you may think!