The One Day MBA

During This Incredible Event You Will Discover

  • How to Double Your Profits in 90 Days
  • How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Business
  • How to Manage People, Time & Stress like a Pro
30th January 2019
Radisson Blu, Dublin Airport

Eventbrite - How to Double Your Profits in 90 Days

Why Attend

Because ‘Trail & Error’ is by far the slowest way to succeed – you’ve been down that road before and know that it takes years & even decades to get what you want.

Deep down you know there has to be a better faster way, a Fastlane to getting what you want.

It’s time to face the brutal truth.
Learning from your own mistakes is like taking the Slowlane
Learning from the mistakes of others is like taking the Fastlane

Put your business on the Fastlane once and for all by learning from someone who has made every mistake a business person can make & lived to tell the tale.

Discover the Pitfalls to Avoid & the Secret Fastlane Shortcuts you can take to get the 3 things you want the most –More Money, More Time & Less Stress.

You Will Learn

How to Double Your Profits in 90 Days
You will learn how to Double Your Profits in 90 Days without spending an extra penny on marketing, buzzwords or the latest gimmicks.

How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Business

Finally, you will discover why you are not yet where you want to be

How to Manage People, Time & Stress Like a Pro

You will discover that the true secret to success is ‘you get what you tolerate’ and leave knowing how to transform your business & build a better life.

Who is the Speaker

The event is designed and delivered by Anthony Woods, author of The Profit Formula, founder of the Keystone Business School & European Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, BEF 2017.

During this powerful event he reveals the proven tools he used to grow a business 2,100% during an unforgiving recession, the same tools you can use immediately to double your profits & transform your business.

An accomplished entrepreneur and business speaker author Anthony is deeply passionate about helping business people succeed.
Not one to take himself too seriously, he openly shares the countless war stories, tough lessons, and powerful secrets he learned the hard way. His background is a compelling true story of how he went from being sick, broke, and unemployed to building a multimillion euro business from nothing.


“Anthony is truly a master at what he does. We had the pleasure of hosting Anthony at the Ulster Bank Entrepreneur Accelerator to deliver a One Day MBA to our entrepreneurs. He talks candidly, openly and honestly about his own entrepreneurial experiences and breaks through business jargon with a delivery that is both inspiring and energetic. A world-class session that will leave you enthused and motivated to take on whatever your business challenge may be. You will come away with practical tools and techniques that you can implement that day to push your business further and faster. I look forward to working with him again.”

Matthew Teague

Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager, Ulster Bank

I have seen Anthony in action twice now – once at a seminar at E-Spark and at a follow up “One Day MBA” programme in the newly rebranded Ulster Bank Entrepreneur Development Academy.

Both times Anthony was incredibly impressive (and I’m not easily impressed!).

He was a firestorm of common sense, commercial intelligence and jargon busting. Both sessions were intense, highly informative and delivered with good humour and candour about his own successes and failures.

I highly recommend attending any of Anthony’s training sessions.

Kevin Traynor

Marketing & Digital Leader

I have attended 2 of Anthony’s business workshops and came away both times with a renewed focus on how best to move my business forward. He has a talent at giving you 4-5 ways of growing your company depending on the market you’re in. That’s why I like attending his events – he takes some time and gives strategies to each of the attendees depending on the market they operate in.

Since the first event I was at, I’ve really concentrated on applying his Profit Formula to my business (Read his book a few times at this stage). Focusing on this has made the business a lot more profitable. It’s a simple but very effective formula which every business/company should apply. You don’t just need to understand it – you need to apply it.

His workshop also covered financials (none of the boring stuff – just the main numbers you need to keep an eye on). This was delivered in a way which was easy to understand.

My favourite part was the sales and marketing advice. Where he gives you tactics on how best to grow your company. The day flies and you come away with plenty of notes, ready to apply to your business to move it forward.

Martin Mc Elroy

Instant Speed Training

I took Anthony’s One Day MBA in Dundalk, his level of expertise and experience is second to none, I feel I took enough from his course to positively grow my business, I have acted on the Information I have learnt and I am starting to see results, I will be looking to follow up with a refresher course in the future, I can’t recommend him enough, he is the real deal!

Eamonn Conway.

Tain Fly-Fishing

I attended Anthony’s One Day MBA in Belfast, and I found it to be unbelievably valuable. I came away feeling inspired and motivated, and it has driven me to push myself further than I could have imagined. Anthony’s delivery was clear and to the point, and I honestly think he is an inspiration.

Thanks very much Anthony.

Anita McCann

Rossi’s Ice Cream

Anthony delivered a truly inspirational One Day MBA, which provided easy-to-use practical tools, as well as a great insight into business development. I learnt so much inside One Day. Thank you so much!

Kathryn Callaghan

Award Winning Artist

I thoroughly enjoyed being on Anthony’s One Day MBA course last week, so many learnings and my head was buzzing for days. Anthony is a truly engaging speaker with a wealth of experience to share – if you have the opportunity to work with him or attend his seminar do not miss out – you will not be disappointed

Claire Loftus

HR Consultant

Just wow! I was fortunate to be invited to a One Day MBA organised by Ulster Bank Entrepreneurial Development Programme in Belfast. Anthony delivered what can only be described as a masterclass in MBA! The day was intense – but in an energetic, enthusiastic and enlightening way!

Anthony brought clarity, knowledge and experience and I certainly came away with a clearer understanding and the tools to put into practice to grow and improve my business.

Thank you Anthony!

Ashleigh Watson

Marketing Consultant

Anthony provides a logical practical way of looking at your business that you can implement straight away. His system gives me the tools needed to increase my profit, conversions and long-term loyal customers. It was the best thing that happened my business.


Frankie’s Razor Club

As a young entrepreneur in a foreign country, it can be very difficult to setting off on your dream. I Attended Anthony’s and Keystones Business Masterclass Event which blew my mind. I learned the incredibly simple & powerful ‘Profit Formula’ Anthony delivered to us in his class. I cannot thank Anthony highly enough for what he delivered on the day, after the class I used ‘the profit formula’ & sales went ‘through the roof’, I went from being unsure on the actions to take in my discover phase of the business to knowing exactly what it is I need to do now a year later I’ve doubled my client list and my employees! Thank you Anthony for saving me time and money by 10X-ing my business! highly recommended to anyone who wants to ‘transform their business’, I certainly will be investing to more training, learn today, earn tomorrow!

Ngalinda Ngalinda

Digital Marketing Expert

“I attended a Masterclass event in Dundalk last week and can not recommend it as an event highly enough. Too often I attend boot camp type events and leave with lots of actionable’s but no motivation, if anything I’m exhausted and my brain is fried by the time I get home! Not with this Masterclass, the information presented was useful and easy to understand, and the added motivational section before home time left me fired up to achieve!!!
Well done on an excellent service and event”

Clare Clevett

I attended Anthony’s One Day MBA recently and I have to say it was fantastic. Brilliantly delivered, engaging and very interesting. Definitely worth considering.

Tina Calder


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Eventbrite - How to Double Your Profits in 90 Days

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