Our Mission is to Help Others Succeed

We are building a world class enterprise that changes the world for the better

Our Vision is an Age of Wisdom

An age of universal education where war and poverty are dark footnotes in our history

This is Keystone

Above the Line Mindset

We take responsibility, are committed to excellence and don’t tolerate below the line behaviour

Do the Right Thing

We believe integrity means doing the right thing, regardless of the personal cost

Help Others Succeed

Our Mission is to Help Others Succeed. We believe in Teamwork. Alone we are a drop, together we are an ocean

Above the Line Mindset








Every month Keystone donates to worthwhile causes. So far over 500,000 lives have been impacted. The foundation’s aim is to change the World, one World at a time.

Keystone – Whats in a Name?

A Keystone is defined as the most important part of anything, the one thing upon which everything else depends

A Keystone species has a disproportionately large effect on its environment. Humans are the ultimate Keystone specie

A Keystone habit starts a chain reaction that leads to the development of multiple good habits

A Keystone is a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the entire build together

The Keystone Bridge Company was founded in 1865 by legendary businessman Andrew Carnegie

New York’s Statue of Liberty holds a Keystone shaped tablet in its left arm

Mount Rushmore is located in Keystone, South Dakota, USA

A Keystone is an ancient masonic symbol for Completion, Enlightenment and Wisdom

Keystone’s have been used in architecture for over 3,000 years

The Declaration of Independence, the USA’s Keystone document was first read aloud in Pennsylvania, the Keystone State

The stone that the builders rejected has become the Keystone – Proverb

Honesty is the Keystone of Business – Harvey S. Firestone

Humanity is the Keystone that holds nations together – Connie Mach


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We help you succeed

alone we are a drop, together we are an ocean


Anthony Woods – Keystone Founder & CEO

Anthony Woods founded Keystone in a dusty attic with just one phone, no money, and a dream. That dream was to leave the World a better place than he found it.

Despite overwhelming odds, no business experience, and countless tough lessons, Anthony steered Keystone to a 2,100% growth rate during an unforgiving recession, eleven straight years of profitable growth, and several international business awards. Anthony was a European Entrepreneur of the Year finalist at BEF 2017.

An accomplished business speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Anthony is deeply passionate about helping people succeed. Not one to take himself too seriously, he openly shares the countless war stories, tough lessons, and powerful formulas he learned the hard way. His background is a compelling true story of how he went from being sick, broke, and unemployed to building a multimillion euro business from nothing.

Anthony lives in Ireland with his wife and their two children. Outside of business, he enjoys quality time with his family, sports, singing, and attending World-class seminars as a speaker or a student. He is also heavily involved in the Keystone Foundation, which helps those who just can’t help themselves. The foundation’s aim is to change the World one World at a time…

Alone we are a Drop, Together we are an Ocean

Keystone hires exceptional people who demand excellence, dare to be different and dream about changing the World.

We stand for Mastery in a World that worships Average

We stand for Humility in a World blinded by Ego

We stand for Wisdom in a World drowning in Ignorance

This is Keystone

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The Present

The Future

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