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Using advanced Speedlearning techniques Keystone delivers powerful short courses ranging from 1 – 5 days in length. Courses are delivered in Ireland and overseas. 
Keystones Masterclasses are unlike any other – we never use jargon – we teach powerful World Class tools to help you Multiply Your Profits and Transform Your Business
Our mission is to Help Others Succeed. Will you be out next success story?
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Transform Your Business Skills

Be the success you were meant to be


- Creating an Unlimited Marketing Budget

- World Class Branding Secrets

- Unique Selling Propositions


- The Sales Formula

- The Pitfalls to Avoid

- The Secret Weapon


- The Power of Systems

- Key Performance Indicators

- Managing the Numbers

Transform Your Money Skills

The money secrets you'll use for the rest of your life


- One Page Accounts

- How to Raise Money

- Managing Cash Flow


- The Profit Formula

- The Law of Income

- The Profit Funnel


- The Entrepreneurs Formula

- Escaping Death Valley

- The Entrepreneurs Mindset

Transform Your People Skills

Discover the secrets to hiring, managing and leading the top 1%


- Turnkey Recruitment System

- The Pitfalls to Avoid

- World Class Recruitment Secrets


- Turnkey Management System

- The Pitfalls to Avoid

- Key Performance Indicators


- What Leaders Really Do

- The Pitfalls to Avoid

- Creating a Winning Team Culture

Transform Your Thinking Skills

Powerful strategies to unleash your creative power


- The Master Key

- Leverage and Scale

- World Class Business Secrets


- How to Innovate

- The Power of One

- Questions are the Answer


- The Business Wheel

- The Masterplan

- Creating a Vision

Transform Your Future

Take control of your destiny once and for all

Self Mastery

- Personal Development Secrets

- The Success Mindset

- The Life Wheel

Time Management

- Time Management Secrets

- The One Thing

- The 5 D's of Time Management


- How to Negotiate

- Negotiation Power Tools

- Secrets of Great Negotiators

A Business School for Business People

Discover Streetsmart Business Secrets they don’t teach anywhere else

5 Day MBA

– Transform your future in 5 days flat

– 100’s of Streetsmart Business Secrets

– No Prior Degree / Qualification Necessary

– Available Globally

Masterclasses Available Globally

Keystone teaches you things no-one else can teach you

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