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7 Reasons to choose Keystone over an Everyday Provider

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Real Results From Real People

Clare Clevett

Too often I attend bootcamp type events and leave with lots of actionable’s but no motivation, if anything Im exhausted and my brain is fried by the time I get home! Not with Keystone, the information presented was useful and easy to understand, and the added motivational section before home time left me fired up to achieve!!! An excellent event

Ngalinda Ngalinda

Keystone’s Business Bootcamp blew my mind! I learned the incredibly simple & powerful ‘Profit Formula’, by applying it my sales went through the roof. I’ve since doubled my client list and my employees! Thank you Anthony for saving me time and money by 10X-ing my business! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to transform their business

Jake Plunkett

Anthony has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to my start-up that has helped me go from having an idea, to having a team in place, a prototype in development, and securing Government funding and support. He is very supportive of enterprise and anyone serious about success can take something from his methods and mindset

The Profit Formula

How to Multiply Your Profits & Transform Any Business

Who are Keystone

A behind the scenes look at the people driving Keystone

Founder & CEO

Anthony Woods founded Keystone in a dusty attic with just one phone, no money, and a dream. That dream was to leave the world a better place than he found it. Despite overwhelming odds, no business experience, and countless tough lessons, Anthony steered Keystone to a 2,100% growth rate during an unforgiving recession, eleven straight years of profitable growth, and was a European Entrepreneur of the Year finalist at BEF 2017.

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Keystone’s business consultants have a proven track record and a passion to help others succeed. Many have built a successful profitable business that works without them and want to share their expertise with others.

Our consultants undergo an intensive training programme, undertake monthly upskilling and attend regular World-Class business and personal growth seminars.

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This is Keystone

A behind the scenes look at Keystone’s history, mission and foundation


Keystone was founded in a dusty attic with just one phone, no money, and a dream to leave the world in a better place than we found it.


Our Mission is to Help Others Succeed.
We are building a worldclass enterprise that changes the world for the better


Keystone’s Charitable Foundation helps those who just can’t help themselves. Our aim is to change the world, one world at a time.