Protecting Your Income Protects a Lot More

What is Income Protection?

Your income is probably your most important asset. It funds your whole lifestyle from
what’s in your fridge to where you go on holidays. Your children depend on it from
birth, right through to college and often beyond.

Why Do I Need It?

An Income Protection plan pays you a monthly income if you are unable to work due
to any illness, accident or injury. It will continue to pay you an income until you are
well enough to return to work, or if not, until your retirement age.

Ask Yourself

How long would your employer pay you if you were on prolonged sick leave?

How would you cope financially after that?

Did you know, if you are self-employed you are not entitled to the State Illness
Benefit if you are unable to work due to illness?

Affordable Cover

Income Protection is more competitive than you may think – the younger you start
the less it will cost. And remember your premiums are eligible for tax relief at your
marginal rate of tax.

Why Keystone?

  • We Believe Peace of Mind is Priceless
  • Everything We Do is in the Pursuit of Peace of Mind for Our Clients
  • Comprehensive & Complementary Financial Review
  • Complementary Last Will & Testament Template & Guide
  • No Hard Sell
  • Everything Tailored to Your Exact Requirements
  • Access to All the Major Insurers
  • Secure, Respected & Well-Established Insurance Brokers
  • Fast, Professional Service
  • Friendly & Experienced Staff

Call our financial advisors directly on 042-9320600 to discuss your needs.

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