Welcome to Keystone Group Schemes

What is a ‘Group Scheme’

A group scheme is a special insurance package designed for group members.
It leverages the buying power of a group to obtain exclusive insurance benefits & value.
We specialize in developing group insurance programs & provide a full ‘cradle to grave’ service for customers which include:

  • Business Trade Associations
  • Clubs & Affinity Associations
  • Franchises
  • Membership Bodies
  • Customer Group Schemes
  • Employee Group Schemes
  • Charities
  • Miscellaneous Groups


There are many reasons that exclusive group schemes are established. Often groups wish to provide ‘bulk buy’ insurance benefits & discounts to their members which in turn builds membership loyalty. A group scheme can also be used to increase the attractiveness of a franchise or to provide benefits for your customers or employees.

What we offer

We offer you a full cycle ‘cradle to grave’ service to get your group scheme operational. We prepare the groundworks [ market research, feasibility studies, loss ratio statistics, business plan etc ] before negotiating with insurers & ultimately bringing the project to fruition.
Our ethos is that we are here to solve, not create problems for our customers.
Our team take care of all the marketing, sales & customer service aspects and we can also build a full cycle website to transact business when required.

What do we want

We believe in developing long term relationships with our customers.

Who do I speak to?

To discuss your group scheme requirements make contact the team on 1890 987 600 to discuss your needs. We will set up a meeting to further discuss what your group requires & what we can deliver. Our meeting rooms are always available where you will receive the VIP treatment & while we will gladly meet in your premises or any venue of your choosing.

Why Keystone

  • Peace of Mind
  • No Hard Sell
  • Specialist Professional Advice
  • Access to all leading insurers
  • Friendly, Efficient & Experienced Team
  • Keystone Rewards Club
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