Insurance for Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Manufacturers and Wholesalers are at the heart of Irish industry.

Arranging insurance cover for this class of business is one of our specialties.

We provide all forms of insurance broking and risk management services to widely diverse clients. Examples include various ‘Woodworking Risks’ [ such as Kitchen / Cabinet Makers, Stair Manufacturers], Metal Fabricators, Food Processors, Industrial Bakeries, Slaughterhouses, Pharmaceutical Processors etc

We understand the business processes of manufactures and wholesalers and the risks involved. Our Insurance team will arrange an insurance policy which is designed to provide essential cover to your business and give you the flexibility to add specific cover as suits your needs.

Main covers:

  • Material damage insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Public & Products liability insurance
  • Goods-in-Transit insurance
  • Fidelity cover insurance
  • Personal Accident insurance
  • Engineering insurance

Material damage Insurance

Material Damage Insurance provides cover for your buildings, contents and stock against loss or damage caused by fire, flood, burst pipes, theft, subsidence or even leakages and other accidents. Normally a material damage policy also includes breakage of exterior and interior glass.

Business interruption Insurance

Business Interruption [BI] insurance provides cover against the loss of gross profit and the cost of keeping your business operational, when loss or damage has forced you to temporarily cease trading. For example, the cost associated with setting up a new premises if your own premises are severely damaged by fire. Business Interruption cover allows for the consequential impact on your business from a variety of factors.

Employer’s liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance [EL] provides coveragainst claims for injury at work from employees, including part-time staff and trainees.

Public and products Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance provides cover for injury or illness caused to people other than employees and damage to their property.

One of the most valuable covers you can have, it also covers claims related to your goods even if these claims arise long after the goods have been supplied [Products Liability].

Goods-in-Transit Insurance

Depending on the nature of your business you may require ‘Goods in Transit’ Insurance.

This cover protects your goods against loss, damage or destruction in transport from one location to another. This class of cover is particularly important for companies who supply ‘Theft Attractive’ goods such as Computers, Mobile Phones Etc although it can easily be arranged for less theft attractive goods such as foodstuffs, materials etc.

Fidelity Insurance

Fidelity Insurance protects your business against theft of money or goods that belong to your company, or goods that you are responsible for, by an employee.

Engineering Insurance

We can advise you on your legal responsibilities and arrange for inspection services for plant and equipment that requires it. We can also arrange cover for the following:

  • Explosion and collapse (steam pressure plant)
  • Sudden and Unforeseen damage to pressure plant
  • Machinery transit
  • Engineering business interruption
  • Computers
  • Goods in Temperature Controlled Zones

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