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Want Proof?

A new client achieved these results in their first 90 days on the Fastlane

Cash in Bank

Monthly Profit

Working Week




58 Hours




41 hours




17 hours


Return on Investment

This client received a 1,600% return on investment.

He now enjoys a lot more money, more time & less stress from his business.

Who wouldn’t want results like that!

(Reference available)

The Brutal Truth

‘’Just because you can cook a steak doesn’t mean you can run a steakhouse’’

A lack of business skills destroys more business dreams than all the other reasons put together.

The brutal truth is that 80% of businesses fail & those that survive get stuck in the slowlane of endless fire-fighting, working long hours & drowning in a river of fear, stress, loneliness and overwhelm.

This suffering has little to do with passion or motivation – most business people we meet are very passionate & highly motivated.

The reason business people suffer is they lack the Practical Business Skills needed to succeed.

Driving a business is like driving a car & the cold hard truth is that most business people have had more lessons on how to drive a car than on how to drive a business.

That’s where we come in.

We put business leaders on the Fastlane to More Money, More Time & Less Stress by teaching them the skills to operate the World’s Best Business Growth System.

This system is unlike anything you have ever seen before- it’s LIGHT YEARS AHEAD.

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This one call could change your business life forever

Our proven system can help you …

  • Multiply your profits
  • Explode your cashflow
  • Grow your sales
  • Work less hours
  • Enjoy less stress
  • Reduce worry
  • Stop fighting fires
  • Hire the best
  • Manage like a pro
  • Increase your wealth
  • Transform your future
  • Accelerate your progress
  • Stay on track
  • Get more recognition
  • Win more awards
  • Make better decisions
  • Build a better life

… and much much more

Your Success Plan

Your monthly investment includes some very special things:

  • Monthly Mastermind
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Daily Dashboards
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Market Research
  • Financial Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Risk Reduction
  • Emergency Helpline
  • Panel of Experts

Available Upgrades

  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Bullseye Recruitment System
  • Business Skills Training
  • Client Appreciation Days
  • €100M Masterplan Retreat

What Next?

Give us a call on 1890 987 600.

If we think we can help we will set up a no obligation demonstration & tell you about our ‘no win no fee‘ guarantee

This is a genuine opportunity for serious business people only.

If you are interested in gimmicks or buzzwords please don’t call – we are not for you.

If however you truly want to transform your business & build a better life we want to hear from you.


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No Jargon Guaranteed


Multiple Award Winners


Protect and Grow your Business

with Ireland’s fastest growing business advisors

No jargon guaranteed

we keep it simple & never ever use jargon

We help you succeed

alone we are a drop, together we are an ocean

What We Do


Helping Winners Win

Business Coaching

A proven system to transform your business

  • More money, more time, less stress
  • Simple solutions to complicated problems
  • Transform your future

Executive Coaching

Turn your strengths into super-strengths

  • Accelerate your career
  • Create more leaders
  • Build a better life

Performance Coaching

Taking you places no-one else can take you

  • Regular accountability sessions
  • Pushing you harder than you push yourself
  • Release your growth handbrake


No Train, No Gain

Business Owners Training

Build a business that works without you

  • Build a team of winners & create more leaders
  • Stop solving the wrong problems
  • Designed for business owners by business owners

Business Skills Workshops

Because you cant outperform your training

  • Practical skills that you can apply immediately
  • Learn a lifetime of business knowledge fast
  • Private seminars & workshops available

Train the Trainer

Deliver training that works

  • Master accelerated teaching techniques
  • Become a powerful public speaker
  • Speed up your students learning curve


Compress Decades Into Days

The One Day MBA

At our signature event you will discover:

  • How to multiply your profits by 800%
  • The 4 biggest business pitfalls to avoid
  • How to get more money, more time & less stress

The Business Fastlane

At this powerful event you will learn:

  • 21 ways to explode your cash flow & profits
  • How to avoid the 7 deadly sins of business
  • How to read a set of accounts like a pro

The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

Leave this life changing event knowing:

  • How to build a business that works without you
  • How to sell a business for 100 years salary
  • The master key used by Apple, Google & Facebook


Turnkey Success Systems

The Results Manager

Swap high maintenance for high performance

  • Manage the numbers not the stories
  • Build a results based culture
  • Key performance indicators for everyone

The Sales Machine

Turbocharge your sales results

  • Create customers for life
  • Stop wasting money on marketing fads
  • World-class sales secrets

Bullseye Recruitment

Hire the top 1%

  • How to interview like a pro
  • Quickly separate the best from the rest
  • The 5 things all top performers want


Outsmart Your Competitors

€100M Masterplan

Take your business to €100M & beyond

  • A clear road map to build a €100 million business
  • Absolute clarity on your mission & milestones
  • A world-class business skills toolbox


An exclusive peer group for serious players only

  • An accountability group of like-minded winners
  • A network of people who can open doors you can’t
  • Private sessions with master teachers


Multiply the value of your business

  • 12 ways to explode your enterprise’s asset value
  • Understand the legal & taxation implications
  • Where to find & finance the best deals


Know Your Numbers

The Dashboard

A financial power tool that’s light years ahead

  • Multiply your cash, profits & performance
  • Plugs into any business & works like magic
  • Stop solving the wrong problems

Management Accounts

Complete control of your finances

  • Understand your accounts
  • Turnkey performance dashboard
  • Run your business like a pro

Raising Money

Helping you secure business finance

  • Understand what investors really want
  • Create an irresistible business plan
  • Access a vetted panel of finance providers


Your Success Toolbox

The Profit Formula Book

How to multiply your profits by 800%

  • Over 300 business success secrets
  • How to avoid the 4 big pitfalls
  • Your success toolbox for years to come

Online Business School

A lifetime of knowledge at your fingertips

  • Over 50 hours of business training
  • Complete A-Z of business skills
  • Lifetime access

Assessment Tools

Helping you solve the right problem

  • Business health-checks
  • DISC behavioural profiling
  • Success workbooks