Why we do what we do

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Purpose Help Others Succeed

We get up every day to protect, grow & inspire businesses

Mission Worlds Best Business School

A centre of excellence that revolutionises education globally

Vision The Age of Wisdom

An age of universal education when war & poverty are dark footnotes in our history


A successful team beats with one heart and our heartbeat is our culture, its who we are & what we stand for.

Keystone's Code of Honour

  • Above the Line Attitude
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Help Others Succeed

We demand excellence, dare to be different & dream about changing the world


Keystone was founded in a dusty attic with just one phone, no money & a dream. That dream was to leave the world in a better place that we found it. Despite countless tough lessons Keystone grew 2,100% during an unforgiving recession and received several international business awards.


Whats In A Name

  • A Keystone is an ancient symbol for completion, enlightenment and wisdom.
  • A Keystone is defined as the most important part of anything, the one thing upon which everything else depends.
  • A Keystone species has a is proportionately large effect on its environment. Humans are the ultimate Keystone species.
  • A Keystone habit starts a chain reaction that leads to the development of multiple good habits.
  • A Keystone is a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the entire build together.
  • The Keystone bridge company was founded in 1865 by legendary businessman andrew carnegie
  • New York’s statue of liberty holds a Keystone shaped tablet in its left arm
  • Mount Rushmore is located in Keystone, South Dakota, USA
  • Keystone’s have been used in achitecture for over 3000 years.
  • The declaration of independence, the USA’s Keystone document was first read aloud in Pennsylvania, the Keystone State
  • The stone that the builders rejected has become the Keystone – proverb
  • Honesty is the Keystone of business – Harvey S. Firestone
  • Humanity is the Keystone that holds nations together – Connie March.


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Meet Your Mentor

Anthony Woods

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant
  • European Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
  • Author of The Profit Formula
  • Inventor of The Business Fastlane ™ Success System
  • International Business Speaker & Trainer
  • Founder of the Keystone Business School
  • Very Average Snooker Player

Anthony founded Keystone in a dusty attic with just one phone, no money & a dream. That dream was to leave the World in better shape than he found it. With a vision to build the ‘Worlds Best Business School’ Anthony is deeply passionate about helping others succeed.

As a management & business consultant he equips clients to achieve staggering results using the incredible Business Fastlane ™ System while as an author, trainer & speaker his no nonsense style is a powerful mix of success tools, practical examples & inspirational stories.

Not one to take himself too seriously he openly shares the countless war-stories and tough lessons he learned the hard way. His life story is a compelling account of how he went from being sick, broke & unemployed to building a multi million euro enterprise from nothing and growing it 2,100% during an unforgiving recession.

Anthony is one of the few business teachers on the planet who has actually done it in the real world. No one makes business education simpler or more practical.

To enquire about working with Anthony & the Keystone Team to transform your business please contact 1890 987 656